Monday, July 26, 2010

So He speaks to me again.

and He said to me:
Obedience to 
is not to be 

This is what the staffers do to innocent campers

Vicious, vicious people. That's what they are. They prey on weak and innocent little campers, They happen to carry rolls of EXTREMELY STONG ADHESIVE DUCT TAPE at all times, They steal all the coffee during breakfast, They are suprisingly VERY strong...
 They are staffers.
Just like that, two of them, Haven and Danielle come out from nowhere and hold me down while Christine busts out a roll of duct tape from who-knows-where and then runs in a circle as she ravels me into it. She wasn't merciful at all. She got my arms, legs, stomach, she even started cutting circulation from my ankles. Here's the sad thing, I'm a hairy person. My arms and legs are basically an entire stretch of carpet. It's what I get for being Mexican. As she placed another layer of tape of every square inch of my fur arms, it hurt just thinking about what I was gonna go through ripping it off...
She got me.
And then, between the three (suprisingly VERY strong) girls, they carried me and paraded me down to where all the campers where crowded and when they all saw me come down the hill, like a tied up dragon or something, they all cheered. WHAT THE CRAP WERE THEY CHEERING FOR?! I'd like to know.