Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proverbs of Pooh

As I'm about to head off for college, I sit here and I can't help but think.
I can't help but think of how different my life is going to be and how even though I've been alive for the past 18 years, in a way life is just now starting. Weird.
The truth is, I'm terrified. 
I'm terrified of going to college, especially away to college. It's like a concoction of excitement, terror, and bittersweet sorrow, all blended together to create my feelings now. 
I will say though, that even though I am extremely scared to venture off, I have to say that I have the full assurance that I'm not going into the unknown. 
Yes, it is unknown for me, but the truth is, Jesus has already gone out before me and prepared the way! I just have to follow. And even when it will seem like He's hidden from my sight when things get hard and cloudy, like the old hymnal sings, "I rest on His unchanging grace."
So yes I'm excited. And yes I'm absolutely terrified. Either way though, I know it's going to be an adventure.
And there's no way I'm passing up on that.

"A grand adventure is about to begin..."
-winnie the pooh

I couldn't have said it better myself, you old bear.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mon Amie. Mi Amiga. My Friend.

You know how you have that friend, that ONE friend who you swear you're related to?

The one who's been through hell and back with you holding your hand the whole way?

The one who knows you more than you sometimes even know yourself?

Who can read your every facial expression and thought or tell how you're REALLY doing by your simple "Hello?" on the phone?

The one who makes you laugh so hard, you spit out your water AND almost pee your pants?

The one who is willing to scarf down 5 brownies with you without regrets?

The one who pushes you and encourages you through the stormiest and hardest times of your life, telling you to keep going and pointing to the light at the end of the tunnel?

The one who will drop everything and go pick you up no matter where you are at whatever time at night?

The one who you can tell your deepest secrets to, and be absolute confident that she won't breathe out a single word?

The one who will tell you the truth, no matter how badly you DON'T want to hear it?

The one who always checks on you to make sure you're not feeling out of place at a party where there's a bunch of people you don't know?

The one who texts you random texts telling you how great you are and how much they value you?

The one who is honest enough to say "PLEASE tell me you're not wearing that..."and spare you the embarrassment?

The one who sacrifices their Saturdays to help you prepare for Prom or Homecoming and making sure she intimidates you're date keeps his hands to himself?

*yeah, they REALLY dressed like cheap hairdressers, and then met my date like that...

That friend for me is Maria Jose Fernandez.

She is probably one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my whole life.

Not only is she all of those things I mentioned above, for me, she's that and so much more to so many other people.

She's basically my sister. But she's also my very bestest of the bestest friend.
Even though we grew up together, it wasn't until when she was a sophomore in high school, she reached out  and befriended the nerdy awkward middle schooler me. I never really knew why though, all I know is that I was beyond ecstatic that a HIGH SCHOOLER who was actually cool wanted to hangout with ME. And that's where it all began.
I don't know what I would've done without her for the years that followed. She's gotten me through so much, just by being there for me when I needed a friend, an encourager, a shoulder.
 I love her more than words can say and I don't think I will ever be able to really express how much she impacted my life. I literally wouldn't be able to find the words. The beauty within her heart and her spirit make her absolutley radiant, not to mention the fact that she's a TOTAL babe.

She never judges me, no matter how many times I manage to make a total fool of myself (whether by my actions or with my words) and she manages to find it in her heart to love me anyway. How? I don't know. I would've ditched my weirdo self a longgg time ago, but she didn't. And I'm confident that she WON'T. And I can't thank her enough. Every time I'm with her, I can't help but sit in wonder at what I could have possibly done to deserve such a great friend.

Her laughter can infect a whole room of strangers and just being near her brings joy to those around.

Her love for Jesus is undeniable.

This woman overflows with skilled talent and passion.
Truth be told, when I was 5 years old, I wished I could be exactly like her.
Nothing has changed. She's my inspiration.
She's changed my life. Forever. Just by being who she is. Just by being my friend. Just by loving me. Isn't that just amazing?
Yeah, it's because she truly is.

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive. 
 ~Anäis Nin

Thank you Maria, for being a part of my world.
 Not only being a part of it, but help creating it too.
I love you to the moon...and back.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just Around Town...

Luminaria Lights Festival & Art Show at Downtown San Antonio