Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is it peoples...

The last day. My OFFICIAL last day of high school. I'm graduating in less than a week. 
Seriously?? Less than a week?? I mean, SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?

I'm not sure how I feel about all of this.
Sure, this means no more taking excruciating tests, stupid quizzes, gross cafeteria food,  (for NOW...granted, I will be in college in a few months...) mean custodians, getting up at unreasonable times in the a.m, freaky substitutes who try to convince you they control the weather, etc...

But this also means no more sneaking off campus for lunch with friends, making jokes at my assistant principal as I run late to class, singing the school song after soccer games on the bus, making pancakes in the locker room, hearing the ghetto girl mama drama talks in the A Hallway bathroom, football games, 8am pep rallies, FCA meetings, hanging out with my favorite teachers in their classrooms, getting to really know all of the students in my classes, and freaky substitutes who try to convince you they control the weather...

It's all so bittersweet.
My goodness. I'm growing up. 
Wait, no, I take that back.
I AM grown up.
My goodness....

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end..."- Closing Time

But hey, you know what? I did it. Thumbs up for that....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Countdown to Graduation: 20 Days

So, in order to help the time go by faster from now until the time I walk across the stage, I decided I would post one random blog a day that can be about absolutely anything. A.NY.THING.
So here goes....T-Minus 20 days, Blog Post #1:

Movie Review: Something Borrowed (2011)
Based on a novel by Emily Griffin, this movie is to be considered a "chick flick", so if you want to test out if you're boyfriend truly loves you or not, ask him to go see it. It's a cruel test, asking a man to the act of de-manning himself by not only going to see this movie with you, but paying to sit through those gruesome two hours and a half of it too. hehe
     He probably won't like it, but you (if you're a girl) YOU, my friend, will LOVEEEE it. I'm not going to talk much more about it because I don't want to give anything away, but basically its the story of two lifelong best friends, Rachel White and Darcy Rhone. Rachel, is the more studious and realistic one of the two while Darcy is the wild, obnoxious party girl. Rachel introduces Darcy to her now fiancee, Dexter Thaler, whom she went to law school with. One night after an emotional celebration party of her 30 year birthday, a drunk Rachel confesses her feelings for her friend Dexter and then SHAZAM! Something happens between the two that is what they think a DEFINITE mistake...or is it?? Now, Rachel must decide between loyalty in her friendship to Darcy which always has something to do with giving up Rachel's own desires for Darcy to be happy, or actually doing something for once that is what Rachel wants. LOVE!

and that's all I'm going to tell you.

I loved this movie so much, I watched it once and then walked right out to the ticket booth and bought the another ticket for the very next showing.
Sad isn't it?? No, not really. I loved it just as much the second time around than the first. I don't regret it at allllll.

So here are some reasons

  1. Killer soundtrack. Like FORREALS. I went home and downloaded all of the songs that I didn't already have on my iTunes. All the songs were BEAUTIFUL and perfectly selected for each scene. And they brought me memories.... "How's It Gonna Be"-Third Eye Blind and "Round Here"-Counting Crows were some that made me pretty happy as they brought me back to the good ol' days of the 90's.
  2. Colin Egglesfield- Oh. My. God.That's all that I could manage to say when I saw him first appear on screen. JUST LOOK AT THE MAN!! He was Dexter Thaler in the movie but he is my future husband in real life. He just doesn't know it yet. That's okay, he'll know soon enough. Seriously though, he's Ah-DORABLE!! His laugh gave me the giggles, his smile made me melt in my seat and the way he chases after Rachel made me sigh. I'm telling ya, IT'S LOVE!!!!! I really think God was just showing off when he made him. I think He thought, "Hey, watch this. I'm gonna blow EVERYONE'S MIND with this next one..."When he first came out, I looked at the ceiling, with two VERY big thumbs up and whispered, "Well done, Lord, well done...."
  3. Philosophy. No, I'm not saying that I agree with the main plot, I'm saying that it made me realize a few things about my own life. How some opportunites have come before me but I was too scared to take them because I felt unworthy of such an opportunity and I let them slip away. CARPE DIEM!!!!
  4. I'm moving to New York City. I'm not sure when (probably when I graduate from college) but I'm packing my bags and going to NYC to live there. I'm not sure for how long, but I really am going to do it. Why, you ask? WELL WHY NOT??? NYC, here I come...in four years.
  5. Hilarious yet Realistic. Yeah, the movie was actually REALLY funny! The dialogue was so real and had me laughing the entire time. The scenes were all believeable and somehow worked, like a dancing one where Rachel wants to dance sexy and makes an attempt to grind. It was funnier because, IT WAS LIKE I WAS WATCHING MYSELF ON SCREEN!!! Especially Jim Krasinki's character, Ethan. You gotta love him and you immediately want a friend like him.